Traditional Weapons

Khuda, sword, and shield of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurug's descendants.
It had used in sacred offering and war.

Thus the genealogy formed


W hen I was a kid, my grandmother used to bathe on the full moon of every month and offer a pot of rice, Diyo (a small bowl in which light is lighted with wick and oil), Kalash (a water vessel used in a worshipping ceremony and which is thought to be an auspicious sign), and fruits and incense to our ancestors. According to her, our forefathers are our Gods. If we offer our regards to them, and honour and welcome them on every festive season, date and time, they would be happy and bestow us with blessings of happiness, wealth, wisdom, education, long-life and our wishes will be fulfilled. I contemplate that my life is successful after following...

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