Thus the genealogy formed


Homnath Krhongi Lama Gurung

W hen I was a kid, my grandmother used to bathe on the full moon of every month and offer a pot of rice, Diyo (a small bowl in which light is lighted with wick and oil), Kalash (a water vessel used in a worshipping ceremony and which is thought to be an auspicious sign), and fruits and incense to our ancestors. According to her, our forefathers are our Gods. If we offer our regards to them, and honour and welcome them on every festive season, date and time, they would be happy and bestow us with blessings of happiness, wealth, wisdom, education, long-life and our wishes will be fulfilled. I contemplate that my life is successful after following her advises and exhortations.

Forefathers are Gods. My dream of publishing the genealogy of our ancestors is finally accomplished with the blessing of my ancestors; a feat for which I am exhilarated from the bottom of my heart. Wherever I go, I cleanse with water, offer a pot of rice, ignite the Diyo, put flowers on Kalash, and mutter the names of my forefathers. I believe that when we worship our forefathers regularly, their souls will be happy, and in return, our ancestors will bestow our descendants with blessings which would fill up the ridges of the mountains. If we ignore and do not pay any attention to our ancestors, their wrath may befall upon our families, and our descendants may tread on the wrong path resulting in an obscure future for the coming generations. There's a saying, "Gods give and forefathers fail." We recall our forefather and offer them incenses before starting on anything. We don’t start on any religious rituals, such as weddings, bartabandas, inauguration of a house, baby-naming ceremonies, Rudri, Puran, Lama's Daman, Tara Puja, without recalling our ancestors. We ask for forgiveness of our known and unknown acts and power for starting anything new. So, I advise you to bow down before The Genealogy of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung; our ancestors will bless you.

I joined the Singapore Police Force in 1977 after completing an equivalent of a School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in 1976. I managed these accomplishments due to the blessings of my ancestors. During my leave in Nepal, I was pushed by my desire to complete the genealogy of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung. I did a lot of research and accumulated a huge amount of data. I had my youngest grandfather, Sahadev Krhongi Lama Gurung as one of my main sources of information, who used to urge and inspire me to form the genealogy. He was a wizard of the Dangre Clan and he could recall the names of our forefathers; names which I gathered to include in this book. When I went back to Singapore, I starting shaping the family tree, which was rather incomplete. I updated it continuously and had a severe urge to complete the chronicles of my ancestors and their descendants. I retired in 2005 and returned back to Kathmandu permanently; a huge venture of finalising and completing the genealogy awaited me.

The descendants of Dhirjaman had tended to migrate from Ainselukharka Dimma Patel, Rakha Bangdel. I didn't get a chance to meet them in one place as they had scattered in Dharan, Tarahara, and Kathmandu. It was a tough task obtaining data from them, but a necessary one required to complete the genealogy. I was not alone and had assistance from a number of my close relatives who shared my vision. For instance, I went to Tarahara-Dharan to collect our family history with Bhirkuna Gurung, my oldest uncle.

In 2008, I called upon my uncles, the late Dhana Prasad Gurung, and Ramkaji Gurung, along with my brother, Jaya Narayan Gurung, to inform them of the vision of creating the genealogy of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung. We arranged meetings at my house and with my relatives from Kathmandu in Kalopul and sought financial contributions from them to achieve this mammoth task. I personally kicked off the collection of funds by making a contribution of Rs. 15,100/- . In 2011, we elected a committee with the intention of publishing the genealogy. The committee was as follows:

  • Coordinator: Homnath Gurung
  • Assistant Coordinator: Dhana Prasad Gurung
  • Member: Ramkaji Gurung
  • Jayanarayan Gurung
  • Dilli Keshar Gurung
  • Naveen Gurung

I have completed the genealogy of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung up till the eighth generation, after battling many difficulties and completing lots of research. This genealogy will be the identity of the coming generations, which they will update over time and move ahead with the help of their ancestors. There was ignorance on the part of our ancestors to plant the book of our genealogy; there was no effective technology to do so then. But their anecdotes and songs play a vital role to form this genealogy. Our ancestors had sharp minds as they recited the names of their descendants with a melodious voice, forming a song. They used to say, "I'm with my family. I have no grief."

This genealogy will be the identity for the coming generations, which will erase the ignorance of our clan and preserve the prestigious and valiant history of our ancestors, religion, and rituals. We have a tendency to record three generations of our family. If we don't think about it in due time, our descendants will remain in the dark, or will get married in blood relationships and our bloodline may potentially collapse. Hence, it is necessary to be recognised in the genealogy.

Our forefather Dhirjamn Krhongi Lama Gurung had lived in Khotang, Ainselukharka VDC-8, Patel (Lama Ghaderi);a Brahmin village. His eldest son Harka Raj Krhongi Lama Gurung had migrated to Rakha Bangdel VDC, Dumri Bot. Their descendants further migrated from their birthplaces to Eastern Dharan, Tarahara, Jhapa and to Kathmandu; many are in other countries as well, under the attraction of modern technology, health, and education facilities. As such, it is necessary to unite the descendants scattered across the globe.

Today's world is like a small village, as a result of the internet and modern technologies, making it convenient for our descendants to update and collect data via websites and emails. As a coordinator/editor, I am pleased to offer the genealogy of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung to the descendants who are in a state of great slumber and unaware of the history of our ancestors. I have obtained an abundance of help from other descendants to complete the genealogy. I am deeply indebted to former Chief Pancha, Dhana Prasad Gurung of Rakha Bangdel VDC, Durga Bahadur Gurung (businessman-entrepreneur), Ramkaji Gurung (teacher), Jaya Narayan Gurung (brother), Bhirkuna's Homnath Gurung (eldest uncle) as well as the entire descendants of Dimma, Patel and Rakha Bangdel.

In closing, I humbly request to all the descendants of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung to take part in the development of our genealogy. We have to preserve our religion, rites, customs, records, and history of our ancestors. Together we are strong.

The Genealogy of Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung from about 18th century.

Coordinator, Dhirjaman Krhongi Lama Gurung Genealogy Publishing Committee, Kathmandu